Rimon is dedicated to the Jewish Experience. It is a place to learn about Judaism, experience it, and debate it. No matter what a person’s background, Rimon is a place where one can ask, study, and feel at home.

All of our teachers–those from Yeshiva and those we have picked from the larger community of Jewish educators–come together to represent a plurality of backgrounds, religious viewpoints, teaching styles, and lives. And our visitors, neighbors, students, donors, and friends will all help make us what we hope to be: a family, an oasis, and a bridge between the traditional and contemporary worlds.

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Arnie Garber shares his Rimon Shabbat Experience


We recently attended a Rimon Shabbat again and found the combination of  Rabbi Gutterman’s intellect and the sweet, moving voice of Yair Shahak’s davening to be outstanding, bringing the entire minyan’s praying to a spiritual high.”                    Maxine & Rabbi  Dov Peretz  Elkins,  Princeton & Jerusalem

“The warmth and spirituality of the participants makes Rimon a very special place. “ Tobi & Stuart Kern, Monroe Township