Rimon is dedicated to the Jewish Experience. It is a place to learn about Judaism, experience it, and debate it. No matter what a person’s background, Rimon is a place where one can ask, study, and feel at home.

All of our teachers–those from Yeshiva and those we have picked from the larger community of Jewish educators–come together to represent a plurality of backgrounds, religious viewpoints, teaching styles, and lives. And our visitors, neighbors, students, donors, and friends will all help make us what we hope to be: a family, an oasis, and a bridge between the traditional and contemporary worlds.

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Meet Our Staff

Yair Shahak

Yair Shahak has devoted extensive study to Tanakh, Talmud, and numerous other works in the corpus of Judaic literature. At the age of 22, he was appointed a full-time Instructor of Hebrew at Yeshiva University, one of the  youngest full-time faculty members in the history  of the institution.  He is this years winner of the International Bible Contest in Jerusalem.  After his first year of teaching he  was nominated by the student body for the Lillian F. and William L. Silber Professor of the Year Award. Also a cantor, composer and classically trained violinist, Yair is conversationally fluent in a large number of Semitic and Indo-European languages, both ancient and modern. His poetry has been published in Hador: The Hebrew Annual of America and his first book on Hebrew grammar is slated to be published in early 2012. He graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Bible, Music, and Hebrew Language & Literature, as well as an M.A. in Biblical and Semitic Studies, both from Yeshiva University. Yair comes to Rimon regularly to lead services in prayer and Torah-reading, and thoroughly enjoys all that Rimon and its congregants have to offer. He can be reached at linguisticharmony@gmail.com.

rabbi friedman

Rabbi Cary Friedman

earned a Masters degree from Columbia University and  semicha [Rabbinic ordination] from Yeshiva  University. We are fortunate to have Rabbi Friedman  serve as our community scholar for the upcoming year. He is the author of five books, including Marital  IntimacySpiritual Survival for Law Enforcement, and Wisdom from the Batcave.  He has spoken at the FBI Academy, the FBI Training Network, International Conference of Police Chaplains, TX Department of Public Safety, and CT Department of Public Safety, and has appeared on The History Channel. Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement has been translated into Russian, and Wisdom from the Batcave was the inspiration for the creation of the documentary “Legends of the Knight” (2014).Most important Rabbi Friedman is a very  engaging speaker and is a much sought after Speaker throughout the  country. He  will make you think deeply and connect to Judaism in ways you have never experienced. He is married, and he and his wife have six children.

 Yaelle Frohlich

Yaelle Frohlich is at the heart of Rimon’s Shabbat “Explanatory Services,” highlighting key insights from the davening and weekly Torah portion, and has delivered lectures and shiurim at Rimon as well as other synagogues and universities in the tri-state area. Outside of Rimon, she is a doctoral candidate in New York University’s Joint Program for History and Hebrew & Judaic Studies, writing her dissertation on Diaspora Jewish engagement with the Land of Israel during the mid-nineteenth century, prior to the rise of Zionism. She holds a B.A. in English Communications and an M.A. in Modern Jewish History from Yeshiva University. In December 2016, she was one of two contestants to represent Canada at the International Bible Contest for Adults (Chidon HaTanach HaOlami) in Jerusalem, and in 2014 won first place at Brooklyn’s first SermonSlam in 2014 (video accessible on Youtube). As of this September Yaelle has joined the faculty of The Frisch School in Paramus, NJ.