Rimon is dedicated to the Jewish Experience. It is a place to learn about Judaism, experience it, and debate it. No matter what a person’s background, Rimon is a place where one can ask, study, and feel at home.

All of our teachers–those from Yeshiva and those we have picked from the larger community of Jewish educators–come together to represent a plurality of backgrounds, religious viewpoints, teaching styles, and lives. And our visitors, neighbors, students, donors, and friends will all help make us what we hope to be: a family, an oasis, and a bridge between the traditional and contemporary worlds.

Donate to Rimon

All gifts to Rimon are tax deductible. Gifts may be made in memory or in honor of a loved one or special occasion.


Our Community

The Rimon Center is located on a beautiful one acre campus in East Windsor, New Jersey across from a historic and preserved farm and adjacent to a babbling brook and community park. Rimon is a 15 minute drive to Princeton University and a 55 minute express train or bus ride to Manhattan or Philadelphia.

About the Area

  • A large Shop Rite Kosher Experience with full service butcher and fish department on hand.
  • Diverse and affordable housing (4 bdr. homes on 1/2 acre lots are typically under $350,000).
  • East Windsor is part of the Einstein Alley Corridor with pharmaceutical, high tech, finance companies, and universities within a 20 minute drive.
  • Schooling K-8: Shalom Torah Academy right in East Windsor, Abrams Hebrew Academy in Yardley, PA (transportation available), and Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva in Edison, NJ.
  • High school options include Bruriah, JEC, and Hillel High School.
  • East Windsor has a mikvah and there is another one in Princeton.

Our Hashkafa

Rimon is intellectually open, warm, and accessible to both observant and not-yet observant Jews. Shabbat sermons actively engage participants, and drashot, shiurim and programming incorporate philosophy, literature, music, and a love of Israel.

Our Shabbat Minyanim

We currently meet for Shabbatot  and on the chagim. Our Shabbat services are very lively, and quite often you will find people dancing on Friday night. At Rimon, women are involved in leadership positions and are free to give divrei Torah both from the bima and after Shabbat services.

Our Rabbis

Although we do not currently have a formal Rabbi, we do have very talented baalei tefilla and speakers that make our services intellectual, spiritual, lively and warm. Over the past six years they have been primarily led by Yair Shahak, this year’s winner of the national chidon tanach, a cantorial student of Cantor Malovany, and ‘Professor of the Year’ winner at Yeshiva University. Yair is married to Yaelle Frohlish, a Stern graduate and a PhD student in Jewish History at NYU. Yaelle often delivers a ‘dvar Torah’, especially on Friday night. Some of our past Rabbi’s and speakers include: Rabbi Cary Friedman, Rabbi David Stein, Rabbi Yair Hindin, and Rabbi Sam Taylor.