Our Programs

Rimon is setting the stage for a revolution in Jewish community education, and we are very excited to see where that revolution will take all of us.

We offer Jews of all stripes and ages the opportunity to reconnect through art, music, Torah study, and prayer – led by truly talented rabbis and teachers, in an environment that’s at once uplifting, warm, and non-judgmental.

Rimon will let you explore Judaism in ways you never imagined.

All programs will be opportunities to grow, to expand the mind, to make new friendships and to enjoy.

Did You Know?

Rimon is the Hebrew word for pomegranate, a fruit said to have 613 seeds. Jewish law has 613 commandments, and so the Rimon connotes the sweetness, beauty, and fullness of Jewish tradition.


Rimon is Dedicated to the Jewish Experience

Yair Shahak Singing …

Rimon is dedicated to the Jewish Experience. It is a place to learn about Judaism, experience it, and debate it. No matter what a person’s background, Rimon is a place where one can ask, study, and feel at home.

All of our teachers–those from Yeshiva and those we have picked from the larger community of Jewish educators–come together to represent a plurality of backgrounds, religious viewpoints, teaching styles, and lives. And our visitors, neighbors, students, donors, and friends will all help make us what we hope to be: a family, an oasis, and a bridge between the traditional and contemporary worlds.